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ALL-SAISA Conference Awards


APRIL 17, 2020: Conference superlatives are new to SAISA in the 2019-2020 season and we are excited to formally recognize the great things happening on and off the water in the South Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association conference. To make this happen, we asked a team of volunteers, both coaches and student-athletes, to do the heavy lifting of reviewing regatta results, individual sailor performances over the two seasons in review (Fall 19/Spring 20), and to read and consider all of the great nominations submitted online. Working closely to identify and recognize outstanding performance and competitive contributions made by SAISA student-athletes, the All-SAISA Committee selected superlatives in Coed skipperWomen’s skippercoed or women’s crew, and keelboat performance. The committee also reviewed nominations for SAISA Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, as well as the Coach/Leader of the Year which will be announced in the next few days.

Focusing on today’s announcement, the coed and women’s sailors were selected based on results throughout the college sailing year, with a strong emphasis on quality and quantity of events sailed. Special emphasis was also placed on competition and results in SAISA events i.e. Conference Championships. The committee also recognized the all-team effort for offshore and keelboat sailing this year and that larger boats have many roles incorporated, so the award recognizes a team as opposed to an individual sailor or sailors. For crew selections, the committee based their decisions on results throughout the college sailing year, with a strong emphasis on quality and quantity of events sailed, while special emphasis was also placed on competition and results in SAISA events i.e. Conference Championships. Additionally, crews were selected with consideration in competing in both Women’s and Coed. Crews who dramatically improved the results of the people they sailed with were also considered. Seniority and leadership were used as tie-breaking factors.

Please recognize and congratulate this year’s All-SAISA award winners: 

All-SAISA Coed Skippers: First Team

Jack Brown ’21, College of Charleston
TJ Danilek ’22, Clemson University
Alfonso Garcia Bringas ’20, Jacksonville University
Andre Guaragna ’20, Jacksonville University
Steven Leuck ’20, College of Charleston
Richard McCann ’22, University of Miami
Alie Toppa ’20, College of Charleston

All-SAISA Coed Skippers: Second Team

Marina Barzaghi ’21, University of South Florida
Telmo Basterra ’21, Jacksonville University
Patrick Eaton ’21, College of Charleston
Jack Gower ’20, Jacksonville University
Scott Harris ’22, North Carolina State University
Chris Kiener ’21, Jacksonville University
Connor Ratcliff ’21, Eckerd College

All-SAISA Women’s Skippers: First Team

Marina Barzaghi ’21, University of South Florida
Kathryn Bornarth ’21, University of South Florida
Kaitlyn DeLisser ’20, University of Miami
Paula Resto ’20, Jacksonville University
Charlotte Rose ’22, Jacksonville University
Nicole Simon ’20, College of Charleston
Alie Toppa ’20, College of Charleston
Marian Frances Williams ’21, College of Charleston

All-SAISA Women’s Skippers: Second Team

Emilia Giovine ’22, Clemson University
Sydney Monahan ’23, University of South Florida
Ainsley Parramore ’20, Eckerd College
Maartje van Dam ’23, Jacksonville University

All-SAISA Crew
Grace Benzal ’23, Jacksonville University
Caroline Bourgeois ’22, Jacksonville University
Jenn Casey ’20, Clemson University
Emily Essi ’21, College of Charleston
Liam Farese ’22, Eckerd College
Sara Flowerday ’22, Jacksonville University
Olivia Gregg ’22, North Carolina State University
Grace Harden ’22, University of Miami
Sandra Heilshorn ’23, University of Miami
Elizabeth Johnson ’21, Jacksonville University
Samantha Kappaz ’21, University of South Florida
Camryn Kennedy ’21, Eckerd College
Virginia Kilbourne ’20, Eckerd College
Hannah Kinder ’21, College of Charleston
Katherine Lounsbury ’20, College of Charleston
Jackie Morrison ’22, Eckerd College
Noelle Owen ’23, College of Charleston
Carolina Perez Rovira ’22, University of South Florida
Madison Reynolds ’21, Jacksonville University
Natasha Scott Morton ’22, College of Charleston
Hunter Skinner  ’20, College of Charleston

All-SAISA Keelboat Performance Award
College of Charleston


The ALL-SAISA Awards Committee includes:
Conner Blouin, College of Charleston
Allison Chenard, Univ. of Georgia
Ward Cromwell, College of Charleston (ex officio, liaison ICSA All-American Committee)
Esteban Forrer, Jacksonville U.
Brendan Feeney, Eckerd College
Olivia Gregg, NC State Univ.
Allison Jolly, Univ. of South Florida

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