SAISA Sailing


  • Refer to the ICSA procedural rules (from, select RESOURCES at the bottom of the page) to learn the differences between Provisional, Associate, and Regular membership status.

Send your request to form a new team via email to:

– ICSA Secretary, Danielle Richardson (
– SAISA Commissioner, Dana Magliola (
– SAISA Recruiting, Allison Jolly (

Include the following information in your email:
– Full School Name
– Team Name/Mascot (i.e. Seahawks for UNC-Wilmington)
– Primary Team Contact (Full Name and Email)
– Your School Email
– School City
– School State
– School Website
– Sailing Club/Team Website (or social media)

  1. ICSA will set you up as a new team and assign you a code. If you have one in mind let them know and if it is not already in use they will use it. e.g. University of South Florida is “USF”, Georgia Tech is “GT”.
  2. Once you have your code, you can fill in your team contact details (from, select “TEAMS”), find yours with your designated code, then edit with appropriate information.
  3. Now that your team is set-up, you can start registering your team members / sailors (from, select “INDIVIDUALS”).
  4. Subscribe to the most important mailing list, SAISA (from, select MAILING LISTS at the bottom of the page, then select SAISA, then fill in all information).
  5. The SAISA racing schedule will be posted each season on the SAISA website, but more importantly, Notices of Races will be emailed to the subscriber list. Be sure to RSVP for the races you want to attend.
  6. There is a minimal annual dues assessment from SAISA (listed on the SAISA website), but a hardship fund exists to waive that upon approval for start-up teams with limited resources.